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By Film Threat Staff | March 10, 2022

Virtual reality is a trend and an unconventional subject nowadays. We are living in the era of change, the era where technology can take over the world slowly but surely. Our day-to-day activities will be more interesting and spiced up with it. What is more interesting about this subject is that years ago some of the best Hollywood producers and scenarists joined together and provided some of the best movies this Earth ever had. They were inspired by virtual reality.

The Matrix

Would you like to take a small break from your from any other activity you do and watch a great movie? Surprisingly or not, The Matrix is one of the best virtual reality movies. Get into the action with the outstanding Keanu Reeves and break the laws of the natural order! Enter a world full of deception and diss the cyber-intelligence that will take over the world.

The main character, Neo, is trying to unveil the meaning of the Matrix and the depth behind it. He knows that the single person on this earth who can help him with that is an evil person called Morpheus. This all-time classic will come with other parts of the movie, starring the same actors. We recommend you take a closer look at the entire movie trilogy to better understand the concept and the entire storyline.


Are you into parallel universes theories and virtual reality too? In eXistenZ, David Cronenberg created an escape for daily life through its main character, Allegra Geller, a game creator that will play everything at another level. To access eXistenZ, the players have to insert a special chip on their lower spine. The chip will make them teleport to another dimension and maybe control their willpower?

If you were a fan of Jumanji old movies and the newest releases then, you will like eXistenZ too. In this 1999 movie, you will witness a complex, interesting, and a horror story too. We hope that the characters portrayed by Jude Law and Jennifer Leigh impress you just as much as they impressed us.

Dark City 

A majestic movie, spiced up with drama, uncertainty, and mysteries are coming to life in the Dark City. It looks like a man is witnessing inexplicable things from another universe. He is waking up slowly in an unfamiliar hotel room and finds out that he is a wanted criminal. It looks like this alternate universe is made of small pieces of other cities, cults, and dangerous people, and AI. Dark City appeared in 1998, and there were many speculations that this film was one of the main inspirations for the Matrix.

Ready Player One

Here comes the movie that features virtual reality as none else. Unlike other Hollywood films, this one follows the story written in the book named Ready Player One. The entire story takes place in the year 2045 where the earth experiences massive losses and chaos.

It looks like the apocalypse can take over the world but not for those who will choose to take a break and join the virtual reality created by the main character, James Halliday. He made the OASIS, a world that features contests, mysteries, and innovations. Here may be Wade Watts played by Tye Sheridan and Samatha portrayed by Olivia Cooke.


A horror and Sci-Fi movie comes in the year 1983. Over there, someone creates intrigue by broadcasting an entire series of odd events. Just like eXistenZ, Videodrone was created by David Cronenberg too. The main stars are Debbie Harry, Sonja Smiths, and James Woods.

The movie looks like is based on many conspirational theories where torture is the main keyword. Videodrome was also the first movie that raise Hollywood attention towards this kind of genre and was at a time one of the biggest “box-office bombs”.


Jeff Bridges and Cindy Morgan in “TRON,” Disney’s 1982 science fiction fiction film that was inspired by the early video game Pong.

Tron may be one of the newest movies that were based on the virtual reality and Sci-Fi genre. The film appeared in 2010, and it has come with breathtaking special effects and graphics for that time. Over here, the main storyline is the one that captures the viewer. A 27-year-old named Sam Flynn is trying to find his father in one of the worlds he created.

On his journey, he will get trapped in a parallel universe where dangers are along the way. This deadly journey may reach out for salvation. Watch the movie to find if the main character will or will not become the hero.


Are you a big fan of The Matrix or do you watch Existenz or Dark City for the first time? Now it’s the time to have a look at something different, modern, and interesting. Maybe this movie genre will be a game-changer for you.

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