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Must Watch Entrepreneur-Inspired Documentaries on Netflix

By Film Threat Staff | February 21, 2022

The content we watch tends to influence us in ways we might not notice until the habits or norms we get from them are well established within us. The people around us may notice the change brought by the influence, or how we end up may reflect how much we were influenced. It is therefore advisable to watch content that inspires us frequently.

Netflix has gone a mile further to ensure that they get content that motivates them to go for their goals despite getting users entertained. For example, such entrepreneurship documentaries may inspire viewers not to give up on their new projects or small businesses despite taking up too much of their free time.

Netflix offers a fine collection of motivational documentaries and movies for Startups and entrepreneurs. However, one may not be able to access such inspiring content from everywhere due to the restrictions put up by Netflix. These restrictions affect people accessing Netflix from foreign regions other than the US. 

Suppose your Netflix library in Canada might not have the title which you want to watch. Therefore, if you want to unblock Netflix US from Canada, it is advisable to use a VPN and change the location to one in the USA.

Some of the best must-watch entrepreneur-inspiring documentaries are listed in this article. However, it would benefit you if you took your time to watch them.

Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates (2019)

If you are an informed aspiring entrepreneur, I bet you already know who Bill Gates is. The icon is widely known for his successful innovations and his ranking in wealth worldwide. He is a source of inspiration to many. When David Guggenheim, an Oscar-winning director, sought him out, the world of entrepreneurs received the documented story of Bill Gates eagerly.

This 3-episode documentary takes us through the life of Bill, before his inventions. How they were born in his mind and to action, the effort they took up, and their gradual rise. His later inventions to make the world a better place are also documented. You also get his full reading list displayed.

This documentary teaches endurance in getting what you want and humility after being on top of the world.

I Am Bolt (2016)

The word Bolt runs through the mind as fast as the guy. His glory was made in less than ten seconds, and that only shows how the time factor to success could change with a single opportunity. What most people don’t associate with Bolt is that he did not become a success overnight. He had to train for years to get where he was.

The Netflix documentary on one of the world’s great aims to give insight into how the Jamaican sprinter got to the A levels in his area. His acclaims and popularity are factors laid out in the documentary.

An athlete’s success may not seem as important to an entrepreneur, but the lesson that comes with his life story will surely inspire you. After all, it is the inspiration and knowledge we are after.

She Did That (2019)

Despite being hindered by societal perceptions and oppression; these four lady icons defy all odds and conquer the business world. Working in a corporate setting is also among the hardest things a black woman faces in some companies as they get subjected to racism directly or indirectly. However, these factors shouldn’t diminish dreams or hinder anyone from reaching their goals.

The four ladies, Luvvie Ajayi, Lisa Price, Melissa Butler and Tonya Rapley, give some of the most powerful testimonials in the Netflix piece. The expression “She Did That” used shows how unusual it was for the ladies to pull off what they had accomplished.

This is the inspiration most of us need, especially if we face almost similar issues to those shown in the movie. They detailed in their testimonials how they dealt with them and what drove them or kept them determined.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011)

As you start your business or skill practicing, it is important to note that no perfection is born overnight. It might also feel monotonous in a certain job post or business activity. However, this should not demoralize you to take off at the slightest difficulty you encounter or just after trying for a few months.

The Netflix movie released in 2011, reminds us clearly why not give up. Jiro started off making sushi, and after decades, he got the recognition he deserved because his many practicing years made him perfect in his skill. The dedication showcased in the documentary is remarkable. Jiro worked for decades to be the success he is today.

He started small, and now, he has made his restaurant a success and has gained recognition globally by entrepreneurs. Dedication and practice make one the complete package. Your level of patience might be the gap between you and success. It doesn’t come overnight.


If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, these entrepreneur-inspiring movies and documentaries from Netflix have been well produced to motivate you to go hard for the grind. They motivate you to have no limits to what you want to do and what could drive you to bring out the best in yourself or your business.

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