Top 13 Classic Classics to Rediscover at the 2021 TCM Classics Film Festival Image

Top 13 Classic Classics to Rediscover at the 2021 TCM Classics Film Festival

By Film Threat Staff | May 6, 2021

The most significant benefit of virtual film festivals, particularly the 2021 TCM Classics Film Festival, is one can attend screenings from almost anywhere and not having to find non-existent parking in Hollywood. This year the writers of Film Threat bring you the best of the best and the films that made us want to be writers and critics. Here are the top films not to miss this weekend on TCM Classics and HBO Max.


Chris Salce recommends the Stephen King classic Misery about an obsessed fan violently unhappy with the demise of her favorite character. Chris describes the film as “a human chess match. Paul tries to plan his escape only to find that every idea he has will be countered by Annie, who always seems to be one move ahead.”

The China Syndrome

Swapnil Dhruv Bose takes on one of the best journalism dramas in James Bridges’ The China Syndrome. Jane Fonda, Jack Lemmon, and Michael Douglas uncover a nuclear disaster cover-up. Swapnil wonders, “By the end, it is unclear whether we should laud the bravery of the fearless and the martyrs or whether we should evaluate just how close we are to an impending apocalypse.”

West Side Story

Not a fan of movie musicals, Kyle Bain believes West Side Story is the best movie adaptation of a musical. Kyle sees that “even in its silliest moments, [West Side Story] has a way of resonating and making connections with everyone watching.”


Andy Howell lauds the greatest action star, Steve McQueen, in the last of the greatest American films featuring one of the greatest car chases in cinematic history. Howell declares, ” Fast cars, a go-it-alone cop who doesn’t trust the system, Steve McQueen, jazz, and 1968 San Francisco — it just doesn’t get more quintessentially American than that.”

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