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The Most Anticipated Movies of 2022

By Film Threat Staff | December 15, 2021

How about making a list of great movies? Here are the most anticipated movies of 2022 to be legendary. You will surely find something interesting.

Movies and TV series are all about helping people cope with stress and have a great time. So surely you love going to cinemas or watching your favorite movie masterpieces on your TV screen. But which films are worth your attention? Should you visit the cinema every time you see a new poster? Well, check the most anticipated movies of 2022.


You’ve probably heard of this franchise at least once. The original Scream film was considered the benchmark for horror films in the mid-90s. But it’s time for a new scenario and a soft reboot. So get ready to watch a group of teenagers and a dark story that will lead to unexpected consequences. A movie like this is perfect for a student party. But first, you should read reviews and delegate your papers to someone else. Surely you don’t want to be distracted by trifles and watch a new horror movie with your friends.


Imagine that the Moon has changed its orbit, and now the Earth is in danger. A group of astronauts from NASA will find out the secrets of the Earth satellite and decide on a dangerous expedition. Even though this is not an AAA movie, you will surely be delighted to see Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson as the main protagonists. In addition, the film has an interesting plot and good visuals. You will surely have a great time at the cinema.

The Batman

Millions of DC fans eagerly await the new movie about the Knight of Gotham. This time you have to see Batman, who is disillusioned with justice and tormented by his ghosts of the past. Plus, noir is a new feature of the franchise. The Batman will appear as a detective who uses erudition and fights only if necessary. At the same time, the director assured the audience that there would be plenty of action scenes, so this action movie should appeal to all comic book fans. 

But you should remember that the film is long enough. What if you’re a student and don’t have time? Surely you are ready to ask a question like, “is ultius legit?” Don’t worry. There are many companies where you can delegate your assignments. You will surely be able to free up time for watching movies.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

The universe of Harry Potter is as amazing as every honest review. Want to know what the main similarities are? The fact is that you will always be on your toes because of the secrets you have to learn. The point is that Dumbledore must find a way to defeat Gellert Grindelwald as quickly as possible. This time, the role of the antagonist will be played by the charismatic Dane Mads Mikkelsen, so a whirlpool of emotions and unexpected plot twists await you.

Legally Blonde 3

And here is the most anticipated melodrama (and comedy), which will become a new part of the famous franchise. Reese Witherspoon has to prove that a girl can be a great lawyer this time. According to the pre-release trailers, fans of the franchise will have more humor, interesting stories, and a new love story. So this is why you should visit the cinema on the day of the premiere.

Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruise is so cool that he will star in this legendary franchise to his last breath. This time, the protagonist will have to face insidious enemies, betrayal, and a global conspiracy. Only Pete “Maverick” Mitchell can handle the situation and defeat all enemies. So if you love spring and summer blockbusters, you will surely like this movie.

John Wick: Chapter 4

Can you imagine how rapidly the John Wick franchise is growing? Many fans love the visuals, stunts, and good gunfights. The fourth part will be devoted to the new confrontation between the legendary hitman and a new criminal group. Who will win this battle? Most likely, you will find out the answer to this question at the end of May 2022.

Jurassic World: Dominion

And here is one new movie that aims to expand the original franchise. According to the plot, genetic engineering has reached a new stage of development, and now scientists can create improved dinosaurs. Unfortunately, however, a brilliant idea turns out to be a complete failure because people did not consider all the risks. But, if you love watching giant reptiles fight each other and destroy everything around you, then you should buy a ticket to the cinema in June.

All of the above films are worth your attention. The fact is that each plot and cast is quite interesting and you will surely enjoy watching movies. All you need is to buy a ticket on time or wait for the premiere in online cinemas. Anyway, now you have enough options for the final choice.

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