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The Greatest James Bond Scenes Of All Time: Our Top Five

By Film Threat Staff | February 18, 2023

James Bond has seen many classic scenes down the years, and it all began from the very first time we laid eyes on the British secret agent.

“Bond. James Bond,” were the first words he ever uttered and it’s a phrase that has stuck, being said by actors beyond Sean Connery, still sending a shiver down the spine of the audience as they say it.

But, of course, the James Bond franchise is littered with incredible scenes, from tense moments in casinos to huge explosions in capital cities. But what are the very best? We run down our top five…

GoldenEye’s Dam Jump

This scene was another introduction to James Bond and again was another scene that was truly done in style. GoldenEye saw the welcoming of Pierce Brosnan as James Bond and saw him, head-to-toe in a black outfit, run across the top of a dam and dive down, bungee jumping down, in the process grabbing his gun and infiltrating an evil base camp.

It’s one of Bond’s best opening scenes and, let’s be frank, one of the best scenes of all-time too.

Casino Royale’s Poker Scene

Casino Royale was the movie that introduced us to Daniel Craig’s slightly darker, more twisted Bond, a role he carried on right up until the most recent No Time To Die. It’s the poker scene in his first movie which gets the nod from us though.

We’re not sure how it would play out today, interestingly. With us now in much more of a digital age, where cyber crime is the big threat (a route No Time To Die went down), would Bond have had to take on Le Chiffre in an online casino? Bluffing his way through the game in a live chat rather than a casino in Montenegro? Perhaps.

Either way, the movie was released in 2006 so there was no such scenario to worry about, and it turned into one of the most tense scene in James Bond history. Full of twists and turns, it moved away from the action and fist-fighting but rather focused on mental warfare between Bond and Le Chiffre.

The Man With the Golden Gun’s Mirrors

Now, we’re not the biggest fan of Roger Moore’s Bond. It’s slightly too cheesy for us, particularly given the strength of Daniel Craig’s efforts over the last few years. However, the scene with the mirrors in The Man With the Golden Gun is a fantastic scene.

Bond reaches the island of Scaramanga he must seek to capture the golden gun which is being held by Scaramanga, and the scene follows Bond as he works his way around the island, full of obstacles and a room of mirrors, which causes plenty of surprise for both Bond and the audience.

Skyfall’s Skyfall Manor

Back with Daniel Craig, we reach the climax of Skyfall at James Bond’s childhood home in Scotland. The final third of the movie is shot there and sees the battle of all battles between Bond and Raoul Silva, which ends up destroying the house and seeing M wounded in the process.

It’s a thrilling finale but also a tender one, as there’s nothing Bond can do to save M, a woman who has ultimately been a mother-figure for much of his life, with Judi Dench’s character’s life seeping away right beside where James Bond’s parents are buried.

Goldfinger’s The Laser

It’s one of the most memorable James Bond scenes in history, and sees Goldfinger finally about to get the better of Connery’s Bond. Strapped to a table, James Bond is essentially about to be cut in half by a laser, starting with his poor, old manhood.

Bond is trying his best to negotiate with Goldfinger, but the villain is having none of it. How can he get out of this one? Well, of course, we now know because we’ve all seen it!

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  1. Glenn says:

    I like all the Bond films and have them all. Growing up Roger Moore was the best starting with Live and Let Die. Love opening sequence with Paul McCartney and Wings. But Daniel Craig by far has set the standard. They could have ended the franchise with No Time to Die. But the next actor has big shoes to fill.

  2. Miguel Roman says:

    Sean Connery against Bambi and Thumper in Diamonds Are Forever is one of my favorites. They were kicking Bond a*s like never before.

  3. Mitch OBrien says:

    My 5 best – no particular order Spectre fight scene (on train); Spectre opening scene (wrecks building/ helicopter fight); Boat chase in Live & Let Die; Goldfinger laser; scooping up car with giant magnet (You Only Live Twice)

  4. Mike Painter says:

    The boat chase in live let die was classic

  5. Brian Jaeckle says:

    You’re crazy Daniel was good but he’ll never be roger Moore

  6. Rich says:

    Best Bond moment: The opening title credit sequence in OHMSS.

  7. Rich says:

    Sean Connery’s first introduction to Ms. Galore. After she gives her name, his reaction: “I must be dreaming.” Connery = Best Bond Ever.

  8. Andrew P says:

    I’d say that one scene which stood out to me was Blofelds “Welcome James” and “Cuckoo Cuckoo” from Spectre. Just my humble opinion. But as a Bond fan since I was counting my age in single figures, I could honestly be typing all night.

  9. Douglas Campbell says:

    Roger Moore is my Bond,,due to my age. Opening scene of Octopussy rocks as well as for your eyes only. Kool thanks from Brooklyn, yo.

  10. Surinder Jakhu says:



  11. Richard Gordon says:

    I’m a big fan of Sean Connery and Roger Moore and I’ve watched many scenes from their portrayal of James Bond many times

  12. Ronnieboy says:

    The DB with the gatling gun is an engineering masterpiece. Send it to me*

  13. ray germano says:

    You Only Live Twice my most favorite James Bond and Sean Connery.

  14. Denzil Mayle says:

    Sean Connery is number one and Roger Moore’s number two the best bonds

  15. Dennis E Sullens says:

    The ONLY TIME James Bond sang was on the beach scene with Sean Connery in Dr. No. I would add this to the list

  16. Johnny says:

    LOVE the G-force gyro scene in Moonraker. Good old Q – if it wasn’t for him they’d have had to carry 007 out of there in a bucket:)

  17. Dadoo42 says:

    I know he’s not considered a very good Bond but the ski chase in On Her Majesties Secret Service is incredible. There’s a making of film that talks about how innovative the camera work was. Done by real people no CGI

  18. Bruce Butler says:

    Henry Cavill should be the next James Bond he’s got the lock he got the bezique and he’s got the access that is my opinion

  19. Wale says:

    I love’ the spy who loves me’ opening scene, I mean the chasing Ice skiing part.

    And Also in the same movie where the helicopter is chasing and shooting James bond before diving the sports car into the water.

  20. DBSantaromana says:

    The helicopter scene was the first; the brawl to the finish in train, both in “From Russia with Love”

  21. Gregory Edwards says:

    I grew up watching Bond movies with my friends.From Connery to Craig and can honestly said I have enjoyed them all. in my opinion Connery and Craig tops them all. I can watch them over and over again and enjoy them like it was my first time seeing them. Thanks for the memories Bond James Bond

  22. Nicholas Noghayin Ehioghiren says:

    The 007 series remains the best movie of all time..Its the only franchise the whole world looks forward to its next release .

  23. Dave says:

    No Parachute jump at the start of The spy who loved me then? What a load of click bait bollocks

  24. Cameron says:

    I forget which movie (The Spy Who Loved Me, maybe?) – but the opening scene with Roger Moore skiing away from his attackers… midway through does a “helicopter” and shoots everyone behind him mid-360… then skis off a cliff and opens his Union Jack parachute! Ridiculously awesome!

  25. Paul Keane says:

    All wrong! The best Bond, Timothy Dalton started his short reign in The Living Daylights, with a cracking pts on Gibraltar and finished his run with the second best scene, of the truck chase in Licence to Kill!

  26. Rollick says:

    Live and Let Die boat chase, great scenery, great music.

  27. Jruggf says:

    I’ve got to say that the t******e mashing scene in Casino Royale should be on the list.

  28. Ronald Nordquist says:

    My favorite scene is where Dr. Swan is kidnapped in Spectre and Bond is chasing the car caravan with Swan in the Bond Killer assassin’s car while Bond piloting a property plane.

  29. Graeme says:

    Sorry but the tuk tuk chase in Octopussy is absolute classic Bond…!!!

  30. Stewart Nolan says:

    There is no comparison off ANY of the Bonds, in ANY scene, that even comes close to what Daniel Craig’s Bond achieves in all 5 of his movies! Not a matter of technology, but sheer unstoppable presents of Daniel Craig! You’re fools if you think or believe anything to the contrary! When people think of Best Scenes in a Bond movie, it’s with Daniel Craig’s Bond that they refer to!

    • SANDRA DEAN says:

      MY BOND MAN … NO ONE ELSE COMES CLOSE 👏🏻👏🏻🤵‍♂️❤️❤️🌹
      The others might say Sean Connery etc etc
      But that’s what they saw at that time
      And even though I’ve seen them all from the start from a young girl … NO ONE COMES CLOSE!!! MY FAVOURITE DANIEL CRAIG IS THE BEST 🤵‍♂️👏🏻👏🏻🌹❤️

    • Debbie Russell says:

      Spot on assessment! Daniel Craig is the absolute best Bond ever. The opening chase scene in his first Casino Royale appearance spoke volumes about what you were going to get with him in this franchise. James Bond movies actually became relevant again because of him.

    • Debbie Russell says:

      Absolutely agree that Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever and can’t be replaced. All the best scenes from can think of, and there are many, are from his movies.

    • Jruggf says:

      I’ve just recently rewatched all the Bond films. Daniel Craig is far and away the best Bond. It’s not even close. Casino Royale and Skyfall are masterpieces.

    • Sean Santos says:

      Daniel Craigs torture scene in Casino Royal made me like Craig, The guy can act !!

      • Jerry Rodgers says:

        Have to agree. Just thinking about it still makes me want to duck and cover! Daniel Craig definitely has some truly memorable scenes.

  31. James Bond says:

    Tanaka’s ninjas dropping into the volcano in You Only Live Twice
    Car chase at Goldfinger’s headquarters

  32. Ingrid Callender says:

    The fight on the train in “From Russia With Love” and the opening chase scene in “Casino Royale” with the two “Best Bonds” Connery & Craig. Case closed!

  33. JOE NENNINGER says:

    “I don’t want to make you talk Mr Bond; I want to kill you.”

  34. Ian Alterman says:

    Sorry, but by far the single greatest James Bond set piece ever is the airport chase in Casino Royale, in which Carlos tries to blow up the airliner with a fuel truck. And another scene that deserves recognition is the ski chase in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

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