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The Casino Appeal: Top Movies And Their Casino Connections

By Film Threat Staff | July 18, 2022

Movies are known for their dramatic depiction and larger-than-life characters. Movie buffs love it when they watch their favorite heroes or villains enact impossible feats. Viewers satisfy their craving for adventure and thrill with such flicks. 

Sometimes, movies help viewers experience the thrill, action, and adventure that is beyond their reach. Take gambling for instance. Not everyone can afford to play in a land-based establishment. Casino-themed movies thus hold a special appeal. The Card Counter released recently attests to this fact. Let us delve deeper into the reasons why gambling scenes find favor with the audience.

Alluring main characters

An important reason why the movies gain popularity is because of the actors playing the main characters. Oceans Eleven is a prime example. George Clooney plays the role of an international thief exceptionally well. Terry Benedict gives an equally compelling act as the casino magnate. 

Mollys Game is another film that breaks away from the mold. Jessica Chastain plays the role of a poker professional.  Her interaction with Charlie Jaffey, playing as her lawyer keeps you glued to your seats. This poker-based film has some worthwhile scenes that poker buffs would love to watch.  

Real casinos

Technological advancements help in bringing a real look to movie sets. But it is difficult to match the real thing. Shooting in a real casino gives an added appeal to the plot. The excitement, adventure, and fun are enhanced with real casinos. Some of the movies that were filmed in a real casino setup are:

  • Planet Hollywood Casino: The movies, 21 (2008) and What Happens in Vegas (2008), were filmed in this Las Vegas location. 
  • Caesar’s Palace: This casino features in many movies like Iron Man, Rain Man, Dreamgirls, etc. The casino has a Roman Empire theme with marble structures, mosaics, statues, and fountains.
  • The Venetian: Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, Resident Evil: Extinction, and Rat Race are films that have a few scenes featuring this casino. 
  • The Bellagio: Ocean’s 11 is one of the several movies that feature this popular hotel-casino popular for its blackjack and poker tables and slot machines.
  • Mirage Casino: Vegas Vacation (1997) was filmed in this location. The table games and slots here are Polynesian-themed.

Inspiring players

As luck plays a major role in winning not all players are confident of turning the odds in their favor. Movies where the protagonist wins with flair, whether it is poker or a blackjack game, resonates well with the audience. 

The strategy used in the films for winning the big prize is another aspect that grabs viewersattention, especially in the US. They try to mimic the moves in a US casino online for real money in the hope of hitting the jackpot as in the movie. 

The thrill of winning

People look at casinos as adventurous destinations. The turn of the wheel or the roll of the slots lets you enter a fantasy world where luck rules. Risks are ignored as you eye the jackpot. Films depict the thrill, excitement, and adrenalin rush in graphic detail. In some cases, the reel casinos outdo the real deal in the remarkable way they are filmed. 

For casino enthusiasts, watching their favorite casino setting on the big screen is a spectacular experience they are eager to repeat. Some fitting examples are Tom Cruise winning a bundle in Rain Man and James Bond winning at the Baccarat tables in Casino Royale.

The darker side

Gambling is not always about fun, thrill, and frolic. There is a seedier side to it. The Martin Scorcese film, Casino gives a glimpse of the dark underworld of gambling. Featuring mafia payoffs, showgirls, Blackjack dealers, etc. the film exposes the illusion of wealth and grandeur linked to casinos.  

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie and Even Money are other notable stories on gambling addiction and the repercussions. Casino fans will love watching the blackjack, roulette, and high-stakes betting that these movies feature.

Psychological connection

A majority of gambling films depict gambling as a skill but there are a few exceptions like The Card Counter. Oscar Isaac, the protagonist, plays the role of William Tell skilled in counting cards. This is an off-beat-themed film. The story reveals the connection between the human need for revenge and gambling skills. 

Cool as a cucumber

Playing it cool is not something that comes naturally to everyone. But Tom Cruise nails it with The Color of Money. This 1986 movie shows him playing Vincent Lauria, a pool hustler terrorizing pool halls with his ninja moves and well-aimed shots. The interactions of Newman and Cruise make the film more appealing besides its gambling element.

Fun and frolic

Gambling need not always be about revenge, addiction, and killing. Some of the popular movies on casinos make you laugh and have fun. Vegas Vacation features the misadventures of the Griswold family vacationing in Vegas. The struggles they face as they visit the casinos are hilarious.

Another film that is hilarious to watch is The Hangover (2009). Featuring Caesars Palace, a real casino, the main characters Alan, Stu, and Phil get themselves in a pickle while they go in search of Doug, the groom-to-be. Their interactions in the casino are fun to watch.

What Happens in Vegas is another comedy film worth watching for the lead characters, Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. The casino scenes are hilarious and the supporting characters lend more fun to the storyline.

Final words

Casinos have a special place in Hollywood with many hit movies featuring casino games in their full glory. The casinos add glamor and provide the adrenalin rush, suspense, and big money that viewers love to savor. For gambling fans, such movies are a fabulous treat to watch.

It is not just the atmosphere that appeals to the audience but other factors like the lead characters, inspirational content, fun elements, and more. We have just skimmed the surface of the things that attract viewers in casino-based films. Feel free to share other appealing aspects you know about.

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