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Popular TV Series About Gambling

By Film Threat Staff | December 9, 2022

The gambling industry is constantly expanding, and many opportunities and novel features come with it. This has resulted in the widespread availability of free spins with no deposit required, the construction of enormous, high-end structures—sometimes even entire entertainment complexes—in cities known for gambling, and much more. As a sign of how prevalent gambling has become in modern society, it has even made its way into the entertainment industry.

That’s hardly surprising because many gambling people also enjoy watching video game shows. You may have all the fun of a genuine casino game, complete with the excitement and thrill of winning real money, without ever leaving your house. The answer is yes, and they also serve to reduce stress significantly.

We’ll assist you in taking your mind off the thrilling games by informing you of the Casinoreviewers new online sites. We recommend you start watching some of the best gambling-themed series right now.

Peaky Blinders

The Shelby family of Birmingham, Alabama, rose to prominence through the gaming and betting industries, where they eventually established a colossal empire that even the government now respects. Members of the group take bets on illegal horse races, robbing gamblers, and legitimate bookies. Winston Churchill responds to their aggressive behavior by dispatching the hard-nosed detective Chester Campbell to stop them. In what ways will things progress? The series will reveal all!

Breaking Vegas

Breaking Vegas, which premiered on the History Channel in 2004, quickly became a fan favorite, particularly among casual gamblers.

The Discovery Channel is presently showing the show. Fans of gambling who have always wondered how the pros win by cheating can finally rest easy. Viewers of Breaking Vegas will learn all the trade tricks to beat the casino, including how to utilize their hands and various devices.

Las Vegas

Ex-CIA operative turned head of casino security, Josh Duhamel, narrates his tale. Here, you may observe his never-ending quest to exert authority over the gaming dens. Gambling aficionados will enjoy this series because of its realistic depiction of the casino environment and the central character’s trials and tribulations, which will have you on the edge of your seat.

Sneaky Pete

An excellent Amazon original series, “Sneaky Pete,” follows the story of a guy who assumes the identity of a former cellmate upon his release from jail. Pete, a former criminal, learns that his brother Eddie is being held prisoner by mobster Vince Lonigan. The agreement is straightforward: Pete will pay his brother $100,000, and his brother will be released from prison. The main character, played by Giovanni Ribisi, is a sly con guy who exploits his expertise in the gaming industry to trick his opponents. The series also has numerous poker table betting sequences.


David Milch’s series follows a group of people connected to a single racetrack through their daily lives. Several honors have been bestowed upon the series due to its realistic and dramatic choreography. Unfortunately for Luck, the show was canceled owing to animal cruelty allegations and other accidents. If you are interested in horse racing or the construction of racetracks, you should check out all nine episodes of the first season.

Poker After Midnight

Poker After Midnight is a television show where viewers can watch professional poker players compete.

The competition heats up each week, with higher blinds and stakes for the remaining players to play with. If you’re a player and you want to better your game by picking up some pointers from the pros, this reality series is for you.

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

In Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, a homicide detective discovers a bracelet that allows him to manipulate his fortune. This gives him the power to call upon Luck whenever circumstances are in his favor. It occurred at a period in the detective’s life when he was deeply in debt and grieving the death of his own family.

Destroying Vegas

Many people who gamble utilize strategies to beat the casinos, and this series will reveal those strategies. Contrary practices are the focus of a few of the shows (sleight-of-hand tricks and cheating). Yet some detail-complex, genuine approaches have been mathematically shown to work (card counting).

Best Bet

Comedic television series in which the year 2007 is shown in Hong Kong. The book deals with the issues of gambling dependency, as well as the relationships of family and friendship. The actors have done an excellent job, the premise holds water, and the show has received strong ratings. You’ll find plenty of entertainment even in its little 20 episodes.


Michael “Lucky” Linkletter, a professional poker player, stars in the critically acclaimed dark comedy Lucky, which follows his shady dealings in the gambling world. It only ran for one season, yet its brilliance holds up even now.

If you’re sick of your routine, it’s time to take a break and try your Luck at an online casino with the help of a gambling series. 

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother, the legendary sitcom, first aired on television in 2005. The TV show has been successful up to this moment because of its unique premise. Despite this, it is common knowledge that Barney has a gambling addiction, which is why this show is included among those that include casinos and internet gambling. As the popularity of gambling grew, so did the need for knowledge of Mandarin Chinese to play games like Xing Hai Shi Bu Xing (Deal or No Deal), which Barney played.

Big Deal

If you’re curious about the lives of obsessive gamblers, you should check out Big Deal on TV (1984-1986). Classic British comedy/drama starring Ray Brooks as the down-on-his-luck gambler Robby Box, who is always looking for his subsequent big gain. Robby’s situation is made worse because he has a fiancée and a daughter who are continually urging him to get his life in order, even though he continuously gains and loses various amounts of money and estates. Robby needs one more massive victory to call it a day.

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