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7 Films in Which You Can Easily Find an Example For Your Essay

By Film Threat Staff | October 28, 2022

If you think that watching movies and TV series on Netflix will not help you at your studying, then this is not entirely true!

It is no secret that the maximum number of points for your own statement is 20 points, that is, almost 20% of the total result.

Writing an essay can be quite a complicated process, especially when you need to spend a long time preparing and searching, selecting literature and highlighting the important points. Sometimes the pressure to start the process is so strong that students simply freeze and are unable to even write a title. In such cases, the thought often arises “I wish someone would write my essay for me“, although in fact such services already exist. Your main task is to find the right service and successfully describe the task. However, if you decide to write yourself, it is not a problem, it is easier to write an essay when you have examples for potential arguments in your mind.

One of the components of the work is to give examples that support the thesis. If you can’t find an appropriate example from literature, look to other forms of art. For example, cinema!  

There our teachers will share useful tips and successful strategies for writing a composition for the highest score! Keep this selection of films that can serve as examples to highlight a wide variety of essay problems.

The problem “Family and childhood”

Christopher Robin

We all remember the cartoon about the cute bear Winnie the Pooh and his friend Christopher Robin. A lot of time has passed, Christopher has already grown up, works in an office, has adult problems. But one day he plunges back into childhood, meeting a friend from the past. He faces new challenges of life.

Problem “Justice, justice”

Murder on the Orient Express

Is it possible to say for sure that a person is guilty and should be punished for the crime committed? This film proves that justice is a very ambiguous thing, and laws can not be applied in all cases.

Problem “Man and science”


For fans of the sci-fi genre, this space movie is suitable. Traveling beyond the galaxy, new research and one question: “Can humanity live among the stars?”.

Problem “The beauty and richness of language”

“1000 words” with Eddie Murphy

Have you ever thought about how many words you speak per day? And if you make a limit of 1000 words and for the rest of your life… Horror! And the main character of the film felt it on himself   During this adventure, he understood the value of each word and that their deliberate use will help to understand important things.

Problem “Patriotism”

Zakhar Berkut

In this case, you can use the story of the same name by Ivan Franko or refer to the Ukrainian-American film adaptation by Akhtem Seitablayev and John Wynn. But be sure to remember that the story is different from the film! Different accents (take at least the main character – Zakhar Berkut VS Maxim Berkut) and omission of many details in the film.

6 Problem “Happiness, freedom, creativity”

August Rush

A film about a talented boy from an orphanage who tries to find his parents through music. By the way, you can also take an example from this film to solve the problem of “Family and Childhood”.

The problem of “Love”

La La Land

The film tells the love story of a pianist and an actress who meet on the way to their own dreams. This is a very interesting film that makes you think about what you would do in the place of the main characters.

We hope that these examples were interesting and new for you and will be useful in your activities. Do not consider your hobbies unsuitable for learning. On the contrary, the more hobbies you have, the better for your studies.

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