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Greatest Movies about Black History You Should Watch Right Now

By Film Threat Staff | April 27, 2022

Watching movies is a great idea to expand your knowledge base. When looking for the best movies about black history, these are the movies that are a must-watch for every college student. Black History Month is celebrated every year to remember the contributions made by African Americans in the building of the USA. The event started as the Negro History Week by Carter G. Woodson. The event is celebrated in other countries but in different months. 

People take time to remember the great African American heroes and the challenges the black community has suffered for many centuries. One way to remember the history of the black community is to watch historical movies about Black History. The list of movies available is long, but here is the greatest list.

Slavery by Another Name

Slavery by Another Name is a documentary that revisits the painful challenges the Black community has had to endure. A lot of Americans assume that slavery in the US ended with the signing of the 13th amendment. However, this assumption is wrong. The descendants of the slaves have continually suffered police brutality while other government entities watch. The Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery and declared slavery by another name. 

When writing essays about the negative experiences of African Americans, there are different dimensions you can look at the topic from. You can look at their experiences in education, their campus life, or consider a book by an African American. 

To help you write the best essay for your class course, take your time to take a look at the police brutality essays on EduZaurus website that took place during Black Lives Matter Protests. Reading the writing samples will help you get ideas on what police brutality is all about or the kind of essay to write on this topic.

Da 5 Bloods

Da 5 Bloods is one of the best black movies of all time. It is about four Black American soldiers. They have been fighting in Vietnam, where they get a lot of casualties. They return there to collect the remains of their dead leader. They also want to collect the gold fortune the leader had hidden there. In their mission, they face tough forces of both nature and man. 

Roxane, Roxane

Roxane, Roxane is one of the top African American movies to watch. It takes the viewer back to the battles of the blacks in1980s. It all happened in Queens, NY. A strong-willed teenage girl named Roxane Shante is aspiring to become the next hip-hop queen. She is working hard to provide for her poor family, but the streets are full of danger. As she works, she has to learn to fight in self-defense against the dangers of the streets. 

Do The Right Thing

Do The Right Thing is about a tragic incident that occurred in the Brooklyn neighborhood. Racial tension began to build between the African Americans and the Italian Americans at a local pizzeria. The tension goes out of control which ends in the tragic death of a Black community member. The song by the Public Enemy titled “You got to fight the power” reverberates throughout the movie. 


Selma is a must-watch black history month movie. The movie recounts the events that happened before the great 1965 civil rights movement led by the renowned Martin Luther King Jr. In 1964, the South was desegregated by the Civil Rights Act. However, discrimination didn’t end. It was still difficult for African Americans to register as voters or even vote. Due to this, Alabama was turned into a battleground as African Americansfought for their rights. 

A Raisin in The Sun

A Raisin in The Sun is a must-add to your list of the best historical moviesThe drama/romance movie is about a Black family living in a white-dominated neighborhood in the 1950s. An insurance company declines to pay them a large amount of money which leaves the family with limited options. They must either choose to leave the old apartment in South Chicago or choose to stay. 

The Color Purple

The Color Purple is among the best black movies to watch. The movie is about a young woman named Celie. The black woman was raised in rural Georgia and kept in isolation. She stands to resist the isolation forced on her. She keeps writing letters to God to narrate her painful experiences. 


Black History month is a time for remembering the contributions made by the black community and their struggles in the US. The best way to celebrate the day is to watch black history movies that recount the events of their struggles and police brutality experiences. Some of the great movies to watch are Selma, Do The Right Thing, Da 5 Bloods, and Roxane, Roxane. 

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