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Best Biographical Documentaries About Artists on Netflix

By Film Threat Staff | June 17, 2021

Documentaries have a different fan base as they satisfy the innate hunger for learning and knowing more. Netflix offers one of the most extensive collections of documentaries, including biographies based on the artist’s life.

You can feel closer to these celebrities because we have compiled the list of best documentaries on Netflix so you can know everything about your icons.


Who better than Quincy Jones’ daughter, actor, writer, and producer Rashida Jones, to film a documentary about him? Jones and Alan Hicks shot “Quincy” for many years.

Their video blends a thorough and appreciative biography of an EGOT-winning artist with more down-to-earth shots of the man’s everyday life in the current day, as he deals with deteriorating health and increased demands on his time.

Betty White: First Lady of Television

America’s first (and, possibly, still current) favorite actress is highlighted in this educational and uplifting video. Betty White is known as the “First Lady of Television” because she was not only the first woman to star in a comedy, create a show, and be nominated for an Emmy, but she was also the first woman to appear on television. 

Betty White: Debut Lady of Television is a feature-length documentary that follows White’s career from her radio days until her first appearance on television in the 1930s.

Even though some of these documentaries are available on specific Netflix libraries, you can change your Netflix region by connecting to a VPN server and enjoy them from anywhere. 

What Happened, Miss Simone?

Nina Simone is a living legend, a black power figure, a chanteuse from a dingy bar, and a trained pianist. She led a life marked by tormented despair, musical brilliance, and ruthless honesty. She had reached the pinnacle of her profession when she chose to focus on social causes.

After bringing up the topic of racism, she lost a considerable number of record deals. Simone used her songs to address the injustice with so many lives wasted due to racial prejudices and hatred. Her songs became protest chants, infuriating the studios even more.

Dolly Parton: Here I Am

Dolly Parton’s modest beginnings in Appalachia laid the groundwork for her long career as an American icon—and she’s never forgotten where she came from. The well-known singer/songwriter is renowned for her philanthropy and social justice activities and her singing.

The 50th anniversary of Dolly Parton’s debut on the Grand Ole Opry stage kicks off Dolly Parton: Here I Am. Get an inside peek at the singer’s life through interviews with her close friends and loved ones, and don’t be shocked if you start planning your next vacation to Dollywood by the time the documentary closes.

Gaga: Five Foot Two

There is no doubt that Lady Gaga is an icon. From her meet-up with her fan, battle with chronic pain, and working on new music, we are interested in every aspect of her life. 

The documentary focuses on the development and creation of ‘Joanne’ to feel closer to the magical tunes created by Lady Gaga.

Biggie: I Got a Story To Tell

Biggie was notorious B.I.G – the life story of a hustler turning to a rap king is motivational and inspiring. The documentary follows the journey of Biggie. With rare footage and in-depth interviews, it will bring you closer to the rap king. The documentary is full of information, passion, hope, adventure, and a will to enjoy life to its fullest.

BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky

If you have not been living under a rock for the past few years, you have probably heard about K-pop. It is the most trending music right now, and this documentary focuses on the life of the reigning queens of K-pop; BLACKPINK. 

The show focuses on the band’s early struggles and how they made their mark in a male-dominated industry. The triumph, struggle, and individuality of each artist are the focus of this documentary.

Excuse Me, I Love You

Do you want to be transported to a world of sultry, sugary pop perfection? Allow Ariana Grande to assist you. This tour documentary puts you in the front row of Ari’s Sweetener World Tour’s London stop to see her spectacular performances of favorites including “God Is a Woman,” “7 Rings,” and more.

If you know what makes an artist despite the difficulties of life, this documentary can bring Ariana closer to you. 

Miss Americana

Taylor Swift is part of a generation of pop singers who have never had much of an “offstage” presence. They are continuously exposing themselves on social media and through their music. Despite this, “Miss Americana” is illuminating. 

This film is about an idol trying to figure out how to use her power best. Still, it’s also about the challenges of having a powerful voice in an age where followers and critics alike assemble on the internet to examine and analyze everything.

Whether you are a fan of piano, classical, rock, K-pop, or Jazz, our picks for the best biographical documentaries on Netflix can entertain all. All you need now is the album of your icons, posters to idolize, and a sharp memory to brag the newly learned facts to your friends and colleagues. 


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