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7 Inspirational Animated Movies for Kids

By Film Threat Staff | September 22, 2021

As a parent, we often worry about the experiences that our children may have in their life. To help our kids evolve, the sooner we start teaching them life lessons, the easier it gets in the future.

You can’t expect kids to read books all the time and soak up the lessons. One of the best ways is to make them learn through their exposure to inspirational animated movies. 

We all can’t deny that every movie has a lesson to share through its story, regardless of genre. So whether you show your kids Disney movies, DreamWorks animated movies, or Pixar, they will all have a valuable lesson for the kids.

We have listed down 7 inspirational animated movies for kids that will inspire children with life lessons that they can carry on with:

How to Train Your Dragon

The story revolves around Hiccup, a completely odd person out in a Viking Village of Norse. He defies the norms of becoming a Dragon fighter and ends up befriending a dragon named Night Fury, whom he calls toothless.

The movie revolves around how his unorthodox and unconventional thoughts towards Dragons change the view of the entire village in the end.

The lesson in this movie is to accept yourself for whoever you are and believe in your convictions because you never know your one thought can cause a revolution.

An important lesson in this movie is for the parent: they should not force their perceptions on their children and let them find their way.

Toy Story

Don’t we all love Toy Story by Pixar! This movie is centered around a bunch of toys, particularly; Woody, who gets insecure about not being the favorite toy anymore of Andy – when Buzz Light year arrives. 

The movie takes a turn when Andy’s family moves houses, making Woody and Buzz Light year work together and escape from their neighbor’s hands.

The lesson of this movie is to realize the importance of teamwork, and being open to new friends and experiences helps us evolve.

Inside Out

Inside Out is my personal favorite, and the plot is based on an 11-year-old girl Riley whose behaviors and actions are controlled by joy, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust. Riley’s actions are predominantly run by joy, but it all takes a plunge when Riley’s family moves to San Francisco from Minnesota. 

This change in her life causes sadness to take over due to her experiences of moving to a smaller house and her father not being able to spend time with her. As sadness takes over, Riley’s behavior changes and ultimately leads her to run away from the house.

Once joy manages to restore the emotional balance, Riley comes back to the house and confesses to missing her old life to her parents. The parents then comfort her, and things get better.

This movie carries an extremely important message on being expressive and communicating. Real happiness comes when you accept the fact that sadness is also a part of life.

The Lion King

The Lion King is the story of Simba – a lion cub, who leaves his family due to manipulations of his uncle Scar, leading to the death of his father, Mufasa. Simba goes through a series of challenges but ends up retrieving his throne.

The lesson behind this movie is growth can be uncomfortable, but you need to take your bitter experiences and rise above the past.

Beauty and The Beast

This old-time classic talks about how a girl called Belle, under a spell, becomes a servant of a cold-hearted Beast. However, the enchanted curse can only be broken if the Beast finds true love. As luck would have it, the Beast ends up falling in love with Belle, and the curse is broken.

The learning experience of this movie is to see the inner beauty hidden behind the physical appearance. The inner goodness of a person supersedes appearance.


Frozen is about the strong bond of two sisters Elsa and Anna. While Elsa ends up causing an ice storm, Anna vows to save the day by facing challenges and even risking her life for not only the Kingdom but her sister Elsa as well.

The moral of the story is that true love can be found in family, and you don’t need a man to be heroic to save the day. 

The Land Before Time

It is a story of a young Dinosaur called Littlefoot who finds himself struggling after his mother’s death. Following the last words of his mother, Littlefoot sets on a journey to seek the Great Valley. During this journey, he finds new friends who help him to get there.

The lesson behind The Land Before Time is that when you are left alone in this world, you should continue to move ahead in life as the love of the people who passed away will always remain within.


Several other inspirational movies have unique life lessons that can help the kids of today understand life better. Our job as parents or guardians is to make sure we introduce such relevant and positive content to our kids.


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