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5 Most Popular Cannabis Movies in the South 

By Film Threat Staff | April 26, 2022

Even though cannabis has been illegal in many countries for a long time, its popularity has never waned. In recent years, however, there has been a shift in the way that people consume cannabis. People nowadays can vape it, smoke it, or even eat it. Cannabis edibles, as seen here, are food items that have been infused with THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. They provide a more mellow and prolonged effect than smoking does, making them ideal for those who want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive high. That being said, with the legalization of cannabis in many jurisdictions, the market is only expected to grow.

Cannabis movies have always been a thing. In the early 1900s cannabis movies were created for fear-mongering and to support the cannabis being outlawed by portraying cannabis as deadly and dangerous in movies. Since then it has grown into something more light-hearted and has spread throughout many genres. People like watching cannabis movies because they are generally funny and relatable, especially for stoners. You can expect a lot of laughs and exaggerated scenes, especially when they are portraying someone experiencing a high. Of all the states in the US, the South has been rather slow to embrace legalization. Despite this, Southerners, much like most of the world, embrace cannabis and cannabis culture for the most part and this blog post will highlight the 5 most popular cannabis movies in the South. 


The film ‘Friday” was released in 1995 and stars Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. The movie follows the two friends who are just relaxing and smoking weed on their front porch in South Central L. A when they find themselves in some trouble after owing a local drug dealer called Big Worm his money. Big worm threatens that if he does not get his money or his products back, Smokey (Chris Tucker) will be a dead man. The film follows the adventures of these two friends and all that can escalate on a single Friday. We also get introduced to Craig’s (Ice Cube) psychotic girlfriend as well as the local bully named Deebo. This movie is guaranteed to produce laughs and is loved by people in the South.


Ted (voiced by writer-director Seth MacFarlane) and Johnny (Mark Wahlberg) share a laugh in Ted. The talking teddy bear got his powers when 8-year-old Johnny wished upon a falling star for Ted to speak.

TED is a Comedy/Fantasy film starring Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg. This 2012 film follows John( Mark Wahlberg) as he sees his wish come true when his stuffed teddy bear named Ted ( Seth MacFarlane, comes to life. John first made this wish when he was a little boy so when it finally happens, there’s a lot of excitement but Ted also threatens to derail John from his attempts to be immersed in adulthood and marry his girlfriend.  In the film, John spends much of his time drinking beer and smoking weed on the couch.

How High 

How High was released in 2001 and is classed as an American Stoner comedy starring Method Man and Redman. The story follows 2 stoners Silas and Jamal who are one day visited by the ghost of one of Silas’s deceased friends Ivory. When Ivory died, he was cremated and Silas used his ashes as a fertilizer for the soil of his new batch of marijuana crops. Silas and Jamal soon discovered that smoking this new batch of weed summoned the ghost of Ivory. Ivory becomes their deceased ally and helps them pass tests throughout the semester. The problem comes when Silas’s weed is stolen by another college student and they lose access to Ivory. They then work on ways to retrieve the cannabis throughout the film.  

Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie 

Cheech and Chong’s next movie was released in 1980 and is a comedy film starring Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. The film follows Cheech and Chong and they go on their missions through the city causing trouble at every turn. The two friends are stoners and find themselves on the street looking for a way to make an income. As the film develops, things get crazier and crazier which guarantees a film of fun and adventure. 

The Big Lebowski 

Finally, we have the 1998 film ‘The Big Lebowski’ which is a comedy/crime film starring Jeff Bridges and John Goodman. The film follows Jeff ‘The dude’ Lebowski who is mistaken for millionaire Jeffrey Lebowski by debt collectors. Not understanding what is going on, Jeff accepts a one-time job to try and pay back the debt collectors who are thugs. Jeff calls on the help of his friend Walter and the two get into some trouble along the way. Jeff eventually starts to seek the millionaire Lebowski on a mission filled with kidnapping, pornography, white Russians, and many more. 

There you have it! The top cannabis films that are popular in the South. These films are considered classics all over America and other parts of the world so if you’re looking for a cannabis-themed movie to watch, try one of the films on our list. 

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