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5 Iconic Filming Locations You Can Visit

By Film Threat Staff | January 16, 2023

We tend to think that all movies take place in some far-flung, unreachable universe. The good movies, anyway. Yet that’s nearly never the case. If it’s a live-action movie, then they’ve got to film it somewhere. Sometimes, they shoot films in a studio with a green screen, which means there’s no hope of visiting the destination depicted in the movie. But that’s only a few movies. Most movies are shot out in the wild, which means you can pack your bags and pay them a visit, should you wish to. Below, we’ll run through some iconic filming locations that you can visit. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your vacation this year, then recreating your favorite scenes at the following destinations might just be it.

The Rocky Art Museum Steps

Remember the famous Rocky scene, when the lead, Rocky Balboa, runs up those steps during his intense training regime to get ready for his big boxing bout? Of course you do — everyone knows that scene, even people who haven’t seen the movie. You can live out your own version of inspirational motivation by running the 72 steps yourself. You’ll find them at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and while you’re there, you’ll also find a bronze statue of the famous character.

The Casino From The Hangover

The Hangover is one of the most iconic movies of the past twenty years. After all, it had a little bit of everything, including an awesome backdrop. Las Vegas just oozes cool, luxury, and fun, and that’s something that the Hangover uses to full effect. If you’re taking a trip to Sin City, then get yourself ready to play some cards by using an introductory blackjack offer, and recreate the famous Alan blackjack scene once you’re there. You’ll find filming locations all over the city, but the main one was Caesar’s Palace. Just try not to have a weekend quite as wild as the characters in the movie did.

The Real-World Hogwarts 

Is there a place more magical than Hogwarts, literally and figuratively? The place is so enchanting that it seems almost impossible to think that it could be a real place. But guess what? It is! Well, kind of. The real Hogwarts might not be real, but the building is. You’ll find the Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford, England. It’s not lit by candles like in the movies, but it’s still an extremely charming and captivating place.

And while you’re in the area, why not visit another famous Harry Potter filming location? You’ll find platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross Station, which is right in central London, close to Oxford (in fact, you could take a train from Oxford to King’s Cross Station). There’s a commemorative statue at the location where Harry and the other wizards caught the train that would take them to Hogwarts.

Jurassic Park Without The Dinosaurs

It sure would be fun to visit Jurassic Park. You know, at least without all those killer dinosaurs on the loose. The scenery itself was so gorgeous that you wonder why they felt the need to add dinosaurs in the first place; they already had the perfect tourist destination! You’ll find the land that the dinosaurs called home (read: took over) in Hawaii, Kauai, to be precise. To get the true Jurassic Park experience, take a helicopter ride like they do in the movie. You’ll just have to imagine that there are dinosaurs out there; which is better than there actually being dinosaurs, believe us!

The Plaza Hotel: Many Movies

Finally, there’s the Plaza Hotel in New York. Located on the corner of Central Park, this was already a famous spot, even without all the movie magic, but the Hollywood edge does give it an additional sparkle. You’ll find the Plaza hotel in a whole bunch of movies, including Home Alone 2, Sleepless in Seattle., The Way We Were, and North By Northwest.

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