By Admin | January 21, 2006

A baby is born from a surgeon and even before its umbilical cord is cut, one doctor is stabbing the other in the neck. Whose baby is this that makes the world crazy with rage? The narrator introduces a nanny who comes to the house, looks in the window and drives away with newly instilled anger. On the surface, all we have is a baby that causes hate. But under it is an allegory about Jesus. First, golden light emanates from behind the baby’s head and secondly, when the grown man is sitting in a café, arm stumps outstretched in that famous pose, there are six scars across the lower half of his chest. So clearly, the baby shows how people use Jesus’ name for the purpose of hate, and how hope lingers even in darkness. Director Becalelis Brodskis makes this powerful statement with poetic, unique hand-drawn animation that is not seen often.

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