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Seeing Green

By Matthew Roe | September 12, 2019

Bridezillas are often the subject of ridicule and scorn, their intensity and borderline-manic actions and attitudes easy fodder. However, what causes such behaviors often ranges a vast spectrum, and whether petty or not, there is always an underlying reason. However, in this instance, we’ve got something between possession and magicked baked goods creating literal monsters, and a spiteful shop owner at its core. Seeing Green is a wild ride, that somehow skirts both the allegorical and the absurd while delivering a mesh of zany character dynamics.

Tabby (Megan Duffy) is a timid bride-to-be, out with her friends Hazel (Vanessa Elese Garcia) and Claire (Mackenzie Firgens), a pair of domineering individuals who seek to impose their ideas for her big day as often as they seemingly can. While they are at a Lindsay’s (Whitton Frank) bakery for their appointment to choose the wedding desserts, Tabby’s friends often choose the more moist and rich cakes. However, Tabby is drawn to some pistachio confections with an odd aftertaste; and that is the cake that’s about to ruin everyone’s day.

“Tabby is drawn to some pistachio confections with an odd aftertaste…”

While the narrative throws the bridezilla trope to a near-cartoonish extreme, it also makes the transformation mean something – that last straw. Hazel and Claire disregard Tabby’s preferences and feelings for the sake of wedding conventions, compounding the pressure put upon her by her other family and fiance. It all ultimately renders her decisions almost completely moot, at least at first. When changes start occurring, they are rapid, rampant, and almost (morbidly) cathartic; you don’t wish for bad things to happen, but you can easily see why they did. Duffy’s strong performance oozes with contrasting characterizations, and she is able to switch and blend the extremes of her character with seeming ease.

Seeing Green (2018)

Directed: Chelsea Stardust

Written: Danielle Bauman

Starring: Megan Duffy, Vanessa Elese Garcia, Mackenzie Firgens, Whitton Frank, Ben Giroux, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Seeing Green Image

"…Bridezillas are often the subject of ridicule and scorn..."

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