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By Doug Brunell | May 13, 2004

What a boring, pointless short film. But the pay off … oh, the pay off. That’s where this work earns its rating. I won’t give it away, though, not even to save viewers from a bad film. No. If you actually decide to see this after reading my negative review, you’ll deserve the satisfaction of the film’s climax.

This drivel concerns Jon Pixie (playing himself) and his long distance relationship with Laurel (Laurel Coniglio). He’s at college and misses her badly, so he gets the brilliant idea to send himself to her in a box. (As ridiculous as that is, I could actually see this guy attempting this in real life.)
Do things go smoothly for Mr. Pixie? What do you expect?

“Womb Gloom” is not something I’d recommend to anyone under any circumstances. It just doesn’t make good use of its time. Instead of character development, there are unending shots of Pixie checking his mailbox and sticking out his tongue. Instead of story, there is meaningless filler.
Frankly, this could’ve been done in 10 minutes and it would have been a much better film. I suppose, however, if you are bed-ridden and the cable is out … and you’ve lost all your books in a fire … and you can’t sleep … and your radio
Doesn’t work … and you’ve counted all the tiles on the ceiling … and both arms are broken, making masturbation little more than a fantasy … this might be the movie for you.

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