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By Film Threat Staff | May 2, 2003

Renegade Films, Inc. will be hosting the “Saints & Sinners III Film Festival” on Saturday, May 31, 2003 at the State Theatre in downtown Saint Petersburg, FL. The event will showcase local independent feature-length and short films in the categories of “Non-Horror Comedy and Drama” (Saints) and “Horror” (Sinners). A Festival jury will present awards to the winning film in each category and will also recognize winners in additional categories from technical areas to acting. The purpose of the film festival will be to gain greater exposure for the local independent filmmaking scene and generate interest in the business of filmmaking in Florida.
The main event of the evening will be a special screening of the rough cut of Renegade Films’ first feature film, “The Web of Darkness.” The audience will participate by providing feedback for the final edit of the film. The movie stars Scream Queen Brinke Stevens and F/X Master Tom Savini.
Renegade Films is currently accepting submissions for Saints & Sinners III. They are primarily interested in the Florida Independent Film community, and to be eligible for their awards and prizes, submissions must contain a link to Florida filmmaking. If the Director, Producer, Actor, Screenwriter, etc., is from Florida or the film was shot on location in Florida, the entry is eligible. Deadline for submissions is April 16th.
For more information, visit the Saints & Sinners website.

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