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By Eric Campos | December 11, 2005

Presented in Deep Vision 3-D, in other words anaglyph 3-D, in other words red and blue glasses 3-D, “Wildcat Women” is kinda like a Charlie’s Angels for degenerates. It’s part blaxploitation, part softcore porn as it tells the story of three vicious vixens as they take on the mob. Lucky for you that during all the fighting, there’s plenty of time for the ol’ in – out.

But enough of what the flick’s about (hope that wasn’t too deep for ya), because what you’re really here for is the 3-D. You don’t go to see a 3-D movie for a thick plot and well-rounded characters, you go to see s**t poke out at you from the screen. And I gotta say that, when it works (about 50% of the time), “Wildcat Women” presents some of the most impressive anaglyph 3-D I’ve ever seen. Yeah, you’re seeing everything in red and blue, but when things are supposed to pop at you, the effect really works! This obnoxious slice of sleazy 70s cinema is a must have for the 3-D buffs out there.

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