By Tom Meek | April 6, 1998

About the only thing suicidal in this lethargic crime drama is the convoluted script that wastes two fine performances by Christopher Walken and Denis Leary. Four New York preppies abduct goodfella Walken as a countermeasure to the abduction of one of the quintuplet’s sister. The ransom is stiff at two million dollars, but it’s hard to feel sorry for these spoiled brats who lead a life of entitlement — and why can’t they just get on the horn and get mummy and daddy to bail them out? Walken spends almost the entirety of the film strapped to a chair with an IV in his arm, and Leary keeps things lively as Walken’s driver and strongman, but the effete four (Henry Thomas, Jay Mohr, Sean Patrick Flanery and Jeremy Sisto) are indistinguishable from one other. Only Galecki as Ira, their nebbish tag along, shows any depth of character.

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