“The Hall Monitor” is a brand-new indie that demands no running in the cafeteria and a note from Mom if you’ve got a dentist’s appointment. Basically, it’s a little film that means business:
Tardiness is down 50% and no one in their right mind runs in the halls any more. That’s because Dan Kashwood, the Hall Monitor of Rocky Mountain High, maintains law and order with excessive force and a .44 Magnum. But now, on the day of the big game, a mysterious student is killing the football team — one player at a time. In a comedy that combines “Sixteen Candles” with “Dirty Harry,” it’s up to Dan to apprehend the murderer before the team winds up playing their next big game in the morgue.
Check out the “Hall Monitor” site for the story behind the film, cool trailer clips and desktop images, and much more…but make sure you have a hall pass.

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