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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | July 28, 2007

  • It’s not about Lovecraft, or Voltron, or Godzilla. Abrams has deemed this a movie for the US Crowds, his own iconic giant monster movie in spite of the mystery still looming.
  • The poster tells a lot, but still keeps many things in the dark. The statue of liberty is without a head, the skylines are engulfed in fire, the waters are disturbed, and we still don’t have a title. I’m not anxious for it all to be given away at once.
  • You can flip the pictures at 1-18-08, which many have already discovered. Some of the backs are blank, while others have typical goodbye messages revealing the names of some of the characters, and the date January 2008, which is another clue that 1-18-08 is the premiere date and the setting date.
  • is now fully functional and seemingly filled with more clues. You can access random quotes, and even combine flavors from robotic characters.

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