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By Film Threat Staff | November 30, 2004

Anxiety Films presents Shock-A-Go-Go festival in Los Angeles featuring many beautiful & rare film prints for your viewing pleasure!
Doors open at 7pm Friday night at the Vine Theater (6321 Hollywood Blvd.) and won’t close until at least 2 A.M. on
Saturday night/ Sunday morning.
Dita Dirtnap (Horror Host Drag-Queen) hosts this years Shock-A-Go-Go, which again positively bursts at the seams with celebrities and live entertainment.
Guests include: ^ BARAK EPSTEIN (Prison-A-Go-Go) ^ RHONDA SHEAR ^ MARY WORONOV (Rock and Roll High School) ^ ROGER CORMAN (Bucket Of Blood, Not of This Earth, Masque of the Red Death, Death Race 2000) ^ DAVID FRIEDMAN (She Freak, The Defilers and 2001 Maniacs).
Screenings include:
Street Trash ^ Man From Deep River ^ Burial Ground ^ Swedish Wildcats ^ Rock and Roll High School ^ Detroit 9000 ^ She-Freak ^ The Defilers ^ Not of This Earth ^ Masque of the Red Death ^ Infra-Man ^ Death Race 2000 ^ ED WOOD’s Bride of the Monster
For more info, visit the Anxiety Films website.

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