By Admin | December 29, 2002

As I sit here transcribing this interview, two guys spend their 100th day in line waiting for a movie. They live in a tent that sits on a parking lot in the shadow of the finest theater in Seattle. They’ve been waiting patiently since January 1st, living with all the amenities of a dorm room; tv/vcr combo, computer w/ internet, and two small beds. The hotel across the street has been kind enough to let them use the bathrooms. With five weeks still left to wait, only one film could possibly cause such fan insanity; Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.

They met three years ago, in the very same spot, doing pretty much the exact same thing, waiting for Episode I. I met with one of the guys, Jeff, (John was off eating dinner.) and we talked for around half an hour about why their doing it, some of the adventures they’ve had, and a few of his countless thoughts on Star Wars…

Get the interview in part two of WAITING FOR ANAKIN>>>

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