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Random Knowledge

By Alan Ng | May 20, 2021

For the first time in a long time, the Fallopian Boobs have a shot at winning. It’s trivia night in Michael Charron’s short film, Random Knowledge, and the writer/director puts an interesting spin in this light comedic look at bonds of friendship strengthened by trivial facts.

Six members comprise the Fallopian Boobs: Bears (David Howe), Belle (Ariel Greenspoon), Gibson (Pat Dean), Jason (Erik Anderson), Justine (Ashley Overton), and Randy (Chadwick Smith). Each member has his or her specialty and life experience, which makes for effective trivia partners. The six members are jigsaw pieces coming together to complete the perfect team.

“The six members are jigsaw pieces coming together to complete the perfect team.”

As the team sits around the table at their local bar, Charron pans his camera around the table. He likens the night to an NFL broadcast with full-body stat screens listing each player’s records, personal facts, and trivia expertise (e.g., books, music, sports, and video games).

As the night progresses, the Fallopian Boobs realize they are on their way to a perfect round 8. If they avoid jinxing it, they could pull out a win for the night.

Random Knowledge does a good job capturing the feelings of friendship, harmless ball-busting, and teamwork. It’s a fun comedic short that points out the humorous elements of competitive trivia instead of a traditional narrative plotline. It’s a sweet story of friendship.

Random Knowledge (2020)

Directed and Written: Michael Charron

Starring: David Howe, Ariel Greenspoon, Pat Dean, Erik Anderson, Ashley Overton, Chadwick Smith, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Random Knowledge Image

"…does a good job capturing the feelings of friendship, harmless ball-busting, and teamwork."

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