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By Eric Campos | October 12, 2002

I was wide awake before watching this gem, but now that it’s over, a whopping 17 minutes later, I can barely keep my eyes open and I’m drooling all over myself. Either this film was really f*****g lame or I have narcolepsy. Place your bets!
Unless you’re into Greek mythology, it’s not very likely you’ll find anything redeeming about this short, and even if you are, it’s so hammy and ridiculous that you’ll wish you were curled up in bed with a glass of wine, reading a real Greek tragedy rather than watching this tragic mess.
Based on the mythology of Orpheus, a man loses the love of his life shortly after they are wed due to a murderous ex-boyfriend. Brokenhearted, the man is left to mope and lose himself in his craft. In the tale of Orpheus, the mythic figure was a master musician, but in this film, the guy is the creator of some sort of power glove that makes hallucinogenic lights and sounds when waved around. Toy companies are dying to get their hands on this new gadget, but our grieving “genius” couldn’t give a s**t.
So one night at a bar, the guy passes out at a piano after giving an impressive show, tickling the ivories as good as Victor Borge has ever done…just not without the funny shenanigans. His playing attracts the attention of a woman looking for a little company. Not able to take care of himself, she drags him home and lets him rest. But the guy is soon up and wandering around, until he stumbles into an alley where he decides to use his power gloves to weave himself into the land of the dead where he is granted the chance to bring his wife back to the land of the living. But he fucks that up and there’s the end of the film.
The scenes where the guy is waving and dancing around with his power gloves would be hilarious if this film wasn’t so goddamn boring. The performances are flat, the camerawork and lighting, amateur at best and for those that aren’t familiar with the myth of Orpheus, they won’t know what the hell is going on. I found no pleasure in watching this film at all.

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