By Admin | December 11, 2003

It’s one thing if you have cheesy, overly dramatic dialogue in a big budget Hollywood production because many times you have actors that can at least make a good show out of it. It’s another thing if you have the same overly dramatic dialogue in a low budget film with inexperienced actors. Your eyes may just pop out of your head from rolling so much.
In “Too Young To Kiss” we witness a defense attorney attempt to pry remorse from his 16 year old client who entered a high school and shot and killed ten kids. In return, we get a hammy performance from this killer who spouts off about white supremacy, Satan and Chow Yun Fat. It’s just one horribly clichéd diatribe after another until a nifty little ending comes along, but not nifty enough to save the first 25 minutes.
Kids killing kids is something that’s happening all too often these days and it absolutely deserves to be addressed, but this film does little to force one to think about this frightening subject.

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