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By Brian Bertoldo | November 22, 1999

Written and directed by Stefan Petrucha, the writer of the original X-Files comic series, “Those Wacky UFOs” is a satirical mockumentary on of all things, UFOs. The expose is narrated by a Robert Stack look alike (Chris Marzec) who’s completely obsessed with killing people thought to be aliens in disguise. On his trail are two police detectives (Hector Hill & Ed Madden) investigating his murderous activities.
It’s no secret that most people are fascinated by the concept of life beyond our planet. This film takes a good natured and amusing poke at people who claim to have seen UFOs or who say they’ve been taken aboard these craft. One segment delves into the commonalties associated with reported abductions: As the narrator explains, abductees speak of first seeing bright lights in the sky and then the next instant they’re aboard an alien spaceship having experiments conducted on them. After being returned, the victims receive an unexplainable bill in the mail several weeks later.
If you’re a fan of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, then you’ll love this brand of humor. To Petrucha’s credit this short caters to both the hardcore UFO nerd and the curious citizen; the prerequisite is that you of course must have a sense of humor.

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