It’s not often that Film Threat has me review a trailer. My guess is that the reason this one was sent to me is due to the nature of the film. “The Widow Colony” is about the Golden Temple Massacre that took place in India in 1984. Not a lot of people know about it (perhaps because a majority of those killed were Sikhs), which is something this film is trying to change.

This trailer does plenty to garner interest in the documentary. There are testimonials about what happened during that time period and plenty of questions are raised. One thing that is easy to see is that it won’t be a pleasant film to sit through. Investigations of such atrocities are never to be undertaken lightly, so one will have to be in the right frame of mind while viewing the film.

I’m intrigued enough by the trailer to want to see this. It won’t be an entertaining journey, but it will be an educational one.

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