I tell ya, for a martial arts film, this one’s pretty cool even though the martial arts on display are fairly minimal. What really shines though is director Otis Johnson’s ability to pull off a visually intense Sid and Marty Krofft do Kung Fu Theatre type of film on a shoestring budget. It’s like having a picnic with Charles Manson…CRAZY!
The Dark Shogun commands Kabuki, a Darth Maul look-a-like, to kidnap a pretty, young girl named Keiko, the main squeeze of master assassin Silent Razor. It’s your basic NES videogame set-up, and yes, Silent Razor hastily pursues his true love, only to find himself walking into a trap. But just as quickly as he’s subdued by Kabuki and his goons, Silent Razor is free and doing battle with everyone is his path.
What really draws the attention of your eye here are the leather bondage-type outfits all of the characters get to prance around in…except for Keiko who gets to wear a hentai friendly schoolgirl outfit. It’s not the first time movie characters have kicked the s**t out of each other while wearing bondage gear, but damnit, it just looks so good and the characters in “The Silent Razor” are no different.
Put down the joystick for a little bit and get into this live action videogame.

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