A scientist’s testing of radiation yields him the world’s first “death ray”. This ray transforms one ocean dweller into a gigantic sea creature that kills hapless boaters and swimmers. The victims are soon washing ashore sporting third degree burns, rendering them virtually unidentifiable. The police and the government are called to step in and investigate the strange goings-on. Unbeknownst to the authorities a spy has been sent, by a criminal organization, to swipe the professor’s newly discovered formula.

This is pretty formulaic stuff from the height of the Cold War era. The professor dies by his creation, the G-man gets the girl, and the criminals are apprehended without so much as a fight. Nothing earth shattering, or mind expanding about the film, but the monster (a guy in a rubber suit) is really cool to look at, though it doesn’t get near enough screen time. It’s a Saturday Matinee type of thing. Not genius but fun all the same.

Vintage Movie Classics released this as the triple threat “Phantom Menacers” along with: “The Phantom From Space” and “The Phantom Planet”.

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