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By Eric Campos | September 14, 2004

A cartoon character tears himself free from his birth page only to appear in the 3D world as a claymation character. One problem though, the artist forgot to give the character any genitalia. A problem easily solved. The character picks up a pen and draws himself a massive hooter, which in turn unfurls a big, floppy donkey dick between his legs. But it looks like someone has a bad case of penis envy as another character from the same page, a mean looking medieval warrior type sumbitch, comes to claymated life and hacks off the crude appendage. So begins a desktop battle that reveals which is mightier – pen, sword, or penis.

Who doesn’t love claymation? It’s like saying you don’t like ice cream. What Nazi would admit to that? “Paper Cut” is a total crowd pleaser, a wonderfully animated film with one hell of a wrap up. However, with as much floppy dick this short swings about, younger audiences may want to pretend that these characters are elephants.

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