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By Heidi Martinuzzi | December 31, 2004

Takashi Shimizu, creator of Ju-On, the multi-sequel epic from Japan, has now taken his stories and conglomerated them into one; “The Grudge”, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. Takashi is in the United States promoting his new film, and also the re-release of “Ju-On: The Grudge”, his last Japanese chapter in the “Ju-On” series. Takashi and I sat down together and talked a bit in a very unassuming, shyly nervous, schoolboy way. Takashi speaks English, but he gets so nervous that he would rather use a translator. Translators scare me because I never know whether to look them in the eye when they are talking or to look the interviewee in the eye as if they were talking. Yet, it’s neat to see if I can try to pick up any Japanese. After interviewing Takashi Miike (I guess being called Takashi in Japan is like being called Bob out here), I feel like a pro.

Get the interview in part two of THE GRUDGE OF TAKASHI SHIMIZU>>>

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