By Eric Campos | December 19, 2005

As a child, growing up in the Midwest, Grace Lee took pride in being unique, as she was one of the only Asian people in her area. And as far as she knew, she was the only Grace Lee in existence. But a decision to leave home changed all of that.

Moving to New York and then California, Grace received an unexpected lesson. She discovered that she wasn’t the only Grace Lee. What’s more, Grace Lee is a highly common name, kinda like the Jane Smith of Asian females. A bit of a shock there for Grace, but not as big of a shock when she discovered that each and every one of these Grace Lees she bumped into, or heard of, were studious, high achievers and the typical good girl – character traits that Grace really doesn’t identify with. It’s not that she’s a total slacker, but Grace starts feeling like an outcast from some sort of secret society of which she has the requirements to be a part of. She had to find out what the deal was. Did this name bring about a certain expectation that molded these women into superwomen, or had Grace finally entered the Twilight Zone? She aimed to find out and so began her search for some average Grace Lees, women that didn’t fit the mold.

We’re along for the ride as Grace tracks down and interviews different Grace Lees of various age and walks of life, two of which are a young Christian girl and an elderly social activist who was associated with the Black Panthers back in the day. And this interesting and humorous ride brings a wild variety of Grace Lees, to Grace’s delight and our amusement, providing an informative and heartfelt look, more personal than academic, of a culture and the single bond they all share.

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