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By Film Threat Staff | December 8, 2000

Monster Castle Productions prove both their toy savvy and their horror knowledge with the amazing Gallery of Monster Toys. In explaining their affection for the gone-but-not-forgotten collectibles of years past, the creators state:
[ “These toys capture a time when horror was fun. A time when monsters seemed like “big brothers” to their young fans. This web site is for all those boys and girls who grew up watching Creature Features and Chiller Theaters, reading Famous Monsters of Filmland, and playing with these cherished toys…and for all those who wished they had.” ]
The site is broken down into decade-based sections, and many photos of even super-rare figures, like a 1960’s Classic Aurora Frankenstein, are accompanied by an informative history of horror toys at the time. Get nostalgic at [ the Gallery of Monster Toys. ]

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