Being that there are some many days that one can spend slaving at the video store, my Fiancé and I decided that a proper vacation was in order this summer. Sure we’d been down to Seattle once or twice on a long weekend, but that hardly counted. Nope, it was time for a real, grown-up two week vacation. But where was an appropriate sojourn for two urban Canadian film nerds with admittedly tiny pockets? Why Fantasia of course, North America’s largest genre festival hosted in lovely Montreal, Quebec.

For those of you not familiar, Fantasia is the place to catch cutting edge films from Asia, as well as horror films, animation, science fiction, grind house and fantasy from all over the world. Now in it’s 8th year it’s more popular than ever with over 30,000 tickets being sold in the first day alone this year. Also, new this year was Komikstok, a whole weekend devoted to comic books and comic fan film (unfortunately this started the day we had to leave Montreal). Hosted at the Downtown campus of Concordia University it’s a month long party for freaks, misfits and anyone else who loves things a little strange.

So after many months of scrimping and planning I present our Fantasia Adventure…

The story continues in part two of ENTER THE DEN OF SIN: FANTASIA, BABY!>>>

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