The Fifty Best Breasts in Movie History (Part 4) Image

The Fifty Best Breasts in Movie History (Part 4)

By Film Threat Staff | October 9, 2007

As in Eva Green. With enough sag to signal she’s the product of pure hereditary, Green’s Sweater Puff’s were possibly some of the most memorable aspects of “The Dreamers,” and what a fine specimen Green has proven herself to be. Green bares all and then some in “The Dreamers,” exposing her in-between nasties, engaging in awfully graphic sex play, and exposes her gorgeous yams in almost every scene she takes part in. No word yet if Green plans to engage in more nude scenes in her future roles, but Green’s debut in “The Dreamers” will always be remembered by male audiences seeking more meat from Green subsequent her Bond Girl duties.

How can you not love Jennifer Tilly’s tatas? Yes, her strength as an actress may be up for argument, but when you speak of her gorgeous Jawbreakers, immediately, the conversation tends to pick up. Tilly has always been somewhat of a firecracker in films like “Bound,” “Liar, Liar” and her Oscar-nominated “Bullets Over Broadway.” And there’s no doubt her ability to turn heads hasn’t wavered as the years passed. Tilly is proof some knockers only get better with age, and better for the grabbing.

What, Asia Argento hasn’t made a good movie in her entire career? Who cares, because looking at Asia is all the reward we need. Asia, like many folks on this list, isn’t conservative about baring all that she has to offer from her Gene pool, and when someone like her comes from Dario Argento, we don’t blame her for exploiting the bullet she’d dodged at birth. With her silky accent and penchant for drunkenness, Argento is the man’s woman, who isn’t afraid to let her hair down and expose her rather memorable cans that have just enough bounce and texture to render them a pure memory in the male fantasy world.

There’s dignity, class, but save it, because Thandie Newton has beautiful Jib Jobbers and that’s a cold hard fact. Her soft features are complimented with two beautiful childbearing bulges that are small enough to keep Newton respectable, but large enough to draw the right amount of attention from the male portion of movie lovers. Newton’s dumplings are firm, eye-catching and compact enough to fit anywhere without taking out an eye, and yet you’d be hard-pressed to look away.

Hooray for Helen Mirren Her talents to draw eyes on her performances are also equal to her talents to draw eyes on her shebas. And Mirren’s shebas are simply nothing to scoff at – even as she drifts into the far regions of “middle age.” Once nicknamed Shakespeare’s Slut, Mirren went completely nude exuding her capital 36C’s in Ken Russell’s “Savage Messiah,” went completely topless in “Excalibur,” and even explored her carpet and drape combos in “The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover.” She demonstrated once again she’s only improved with age bearing all in “Calendar Girls,” with her power to stand men at attention as strong as ever.

Sure, she may be animated, but coupled with Kathleen Turner’s sultry voice Jessica Rabbit became a fantasy sex icon worth drooling over. A femme fatale in all the right ways.

We at Film Threat hope you enjoyed the best breasts breakdown, regardless of the reasons you read it. Still, all fun and crassness aside, head on over to the official site for the American Cancer Society and see what you can do to help promote awareness of, and ultimately eliminate Breast Cancer.

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  2. Nyt Persun says:

    Hey Gore & Ng would Adrienne Barbeau qualify as a good addition to your Fifty Best Breasts List?

  3. Joseluis Rossell Jr says:

    Thank you, they were amazing to remember. To fantasize again the golden era.

  4. Robert Anderson says:

    Where was the lovely Halle Berry, with as perfect a pair as Mother Nature ever provided!

  5. Bob Wilson says:

    great analyis

  6. Richard says:

    Eva Green gets my vote

  7. burpo says:

    Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita.

  8. JOe says:

    This can’t be the best breasts in Hollywood!

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