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By Eric Campos | March 19, 2005

Salvador Dali has got a problem – he’s not as crazy as people think he is and his work is beginning to show it. So how’s he gonna get his game back? Madness, that’s how. And Dali knows just who to see for some crazy implants. Rolling into Sigmund Freud’s office as if it were a Jiffy Lube for the insane, Dali reasons that if Freud were so adept at straightening out crazy people that he should be able to do the reverse. And so begins their session with a bit of reluctance from the good doctor. Soon, we’re weaving in and out of dreams and reality as we try and figure out just whose head we’re walking around in. It’s all…well…it’s all madness, really.

“The Death of Salvador Dali” is an amazing looking short. Top notch production value and cinematography make this a tasty brain twister. The cast provides plenty to marvel over as well. Robert Cesario brings Sigmund Freud to life while Salvador Benavides steals the show as the over-the-top freak known as Salvador Dali. And then there’s Dita Von Teese, always a pleasure to see, and here she plays a mysterious vixen, with a whip no less.

Fan or no fan of Dali, if you’re a fan of good filmmaking, here you go.

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