It’s like “Grumpy Old Men” with vampires, but don’t take that as a slam. Lovers of horror films should most definitely get a kick out of this shot on video short that pays homage to the classic horror genre.
We start off following a group of young vampire hunters as they chase their next prey through the 1952 streets of Los Angeles. After staking the bloodsucker, the hunters decide to pay Dracula a little visit at home, but find themselves SOL as the master vampire eludes them. Fast forward 50 years later and the vampire hunters are still at it, this time played by b-movie celebs John Agar, William Smith, Bob Burns, Dave Donham and Forrest J. Ackerman. Old and cranky, the hunters sit around bitching at each other, still bummed that they’ve yet to locate and destroy Dracula. But a young girl with a hot lead offers to help the vampire hunters by infiltrating a popular vampire club to see if she can uncover Dracula’s whereabouts. And so she does, winding up getting jumped by a gang of vampires, but not before tipping off the vampire hunters as to the location of Dracula’s new home. The hunters saunter (old people saunter, ya know) over to Drac’s pad and a minor showdown ensues.
It’s not the most compelling of storylines, but then again it is a short. What really keeps this film interesting however, is the barrage of amusing guest appearances by horror and b-movie personalities such as Conrad Brooks, Titus Moody, Brinke Stevens, Mink Stole, Mary Woronov and many others.
“The Vampire’s Club” isn’t knee slapping funny, but it is very charming. Definitely worth the 35 minutes for b-movie and horror freaks.

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