Here’s a bizarre one for you:

When a nefarious grackle invades a suburban neighborhood and constantly bombards a middle aged suburban man with bird crap, it’s up to this heroic do-gooder to take care of the bird before its eats his wife’s pies, which are cooling on an open windowsill, and drops any more crap on the family car—all while keeping his wife in the dark on the bird, and his mission to destroy it.

This is a fun, extremely creative short film. The dialogue is pure gibberish—think The Sims meets adults from Charlie Brown on speed—similar to the brilliant opening sequence in Chaplin’s “City Lights.”

The acting is entertaining, and the clever camera work augments an already creative and entertaining short. This is one of those rare comedies that would work as good in cartoon form as it does as a live action piece. Kudos to everyone involved in such an enjoyable film.

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