By admin | January 26, 2004

“The Confederate States of America,” written and directed by Kevin Willmott, has been picked up by IFC Films for North American distribution at the Sundance Film Festival where “CSA” screened to sold out audiences in the American Spectrum section.
“CSA” poses the question: What would have happened if the South had won the Civil War? Played as a straight-faced Ken Burns-style documentary with uncanny parallels to our current society, “CSA” presents an alternative modern day America as a land in which slavery is alive and well throughout the 50 states, other non-whites and non-Christians are relegated to reservations, the country is in an ongoing Cold War with Canada and a Slave Shopping Network plays on TV.

“CSA: The Confederate States of America” stars Charles Frank, Evamarii Johnson, Rupert Pate and Larry Peterson. It was Produced by Rick Cowan and Executive Produced by Spike Lee and Marvin Voth.

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