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By Admin | July 11, 2005

In Michaela von Schweinitz’s “The Meeting,” it’s not this meeting that’s the primary focus here, but instead the hellish attempt to get there.

Julia is in a rush to get to an important meeting for a design gig and right off the bat things aren’t looking too good for her as her car refuses to start and her cell phone dies. Deciding to hoof it with her portfolio tucked underneath her arm, Julia nearly gets run over by some hammerhead who drives through a stop sign. Some nasty words are exchanged before said hammerhead decides he wants to finish the job he accidentally started by running her down. And so the chase begins, the chase that leads to the loss of her portfolio as well as any kind of hope that she’ll ever make this meeting alive. Will things all work out in the end? Mmmmmm…maybe…

This is a good looking short, although pretty creepy. This enraged motorpsycho guy who chases Julia down with a vengeance is disturbing. It’s enough to make you never wanna go outside again.

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