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By Eric Campos | July 5, 2005

Alright, so here’s “The Damn! Show”. It’s a collection of clips and short films by a young comedy team that interviews vagrants and creates skits that are mostly of a hostile and racist nature. Oh yeah, and their centerpiece character is a drunken clown named Yucko who takes to interviewing, harassing, and sometimes groping, people on the street. They take political correctness and wipe their a***s with it. In short, this is comedy for people who aren’t p*****s.

But Eric, you’re asking, what makes “The Damn! Show” different than the rest of the mean spirited drek churned out by snot nosed hammerheads running around with mommy and daddy’s camera, acting like complete a******s and thinking it’s entertainment?

Well, I’m glad you asked because the answer is really simple – These guys are genuinely fuckin’ funny! I’ll admit, at the beginning of this disc (that contains something like 30 plus clips), I found it a little difficult to sit through. I’m not easily offended, I just found myself wondering if I should be laughing at a sketch called “The Gooks of Hazard”, or what I’m trying to say is, if I should be admitting in a public forum such as this one that I laughed at it. Well, f**k it – yeah I did laugh! And I’ve watched this disc a few times more and I laugh harder every time. In fact, it’s on regular rotation here at the Campos Compound. Am I racist pig? No. But I know what funny is and so does “The Damn! Show” crew. This material isn’t fueled by hate, it’s just made up of all the stupid s**t we say behind closed doors. There are no taboos here, everyone and everything is under fire from a crew that’s multi-ethnic. Actually, one of the biggest laughs comes during the end credits outtakes as the two Asian guys who play the Gooks in “The Gooks of Hazard” sketch are talking to each other between takes and say something to the effect of – “When they see this at school, they’re gonna kill us.”

Highlights of “The Damn! Show” include a parody of “The Osbournes”; a stop-motion animated party featuring different bottles of liquor as the partiers – of course a bottle of Corona is a Mexican and a bottle of Zima is a gay guy; an animated sketch featuring a drunk-as-f**k koala bear; a parody of “Blind Date” where an uptight white guy goes on a blind date with a black crackwhore who insists on showing him the ropes of scoring some rock; and then there’s of course all of the Yucko the Clown stuff that’s absolutely classic. Watch Yucko at Mardi Gras in New Orleans and even at Sundance accosting the locals.

So, yeah, if you’re easily offended, stay the f**k away from “The Damn! Show”. Even if you’re one of those people who thinks they can take anything because their favorite movie is “There’s Something About Mary”, you should really stay the f**k away from “The Damn! Show”. But for the rest of yous guys, I bet you’ll find plenty of laughs here. I also bet you’re left titty looks like Jack Palance.

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