By Eric Campos | November 14, 2004

I’m always weary of a documentary that’s 10 minutes long. 10 minutes barely gives you enough time to set up some basic facts before you start the real documenting. Such is the case, I think, in “OU Uncovered”, a brief documentary trying to take the lid off of the Oklahoma University’s Nazi ties.

But then, maybe this is just a mockumentary. While much of the talking head interviews come off a bit serious, other footage says that the filmmakers are poking fun at the subject material. Basically, I didn’t know what the hell I was watching here, but I think I may know why someone made it.

I think that maybe this film is just riddled with in-jokes for the students of OU and their concerns about one of their buildings emblazoned with a small swastika, as well as mysterious tunnels and hidden doors all throughout campus. So maybe this is kind of a documentary, but being that the filmmakers knew no one would take their queries seriously, they decided to have fun with it, too. Not that it really comes off funny or fun at all and the only people I see possibly getting a kick out of this are the students of OU…after a few bong rips maybe.

But I could be totally wrong about all of this, which doesn’t bother me much as I don’t suspect many people would get what’s going on here either.

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