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By Film Threat Staff | October 3, 2000

In a grassroots effort that is quickly gaining momentum, fans of “The Crow” film series are waging a mini-war against Miramax over the studio’s recent plans to send the latest installment, “The Crow: Salvation,” straight to video or cable.
Fans are well-aware that a first run on cable or video means lots and lots of edits…something that the many die-hard followers are not pleased about. After a supposed “test run” in Spokane, the film’s performance did not merit a nationwide release, according to the powers that be at Miramax. Some fans are suggesting that too little was done to support “The Crow: Salvation” to begin with.
To see the latest on this debate, and to check out the goals of the pro-“Crow” movement, go to [ the Crowfans webpage. ]

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