By Eric Campos | February 14, 2002

When I saw that this was going to be a phony documentary about two brothers who are confetti manufacturers, I thought – oh cool, I get to make Rip Taylor jokes in my review. But not long after the film begins, Rip Taylor, sporting one of his trademark rugs, makes an appearance. Whoah! This filmmaker made the joke for me. This film rules!
I don’t need to tell you that this is a comic piece because the set-up alone is silly enough to inspire giggles and snorts. The Confetti Brothers dedicate their lives to manufacturing the absolute perfect confetti right down to flawless color, shape and ærodynamics. We get a hilarious peek inside these guys’ heads as they break down the history of confetti, test every single shred that gets shipped out and reveal what they do on their spare time. One collects all sorts of things like “Star Wars” action figures and Nipsey Russell urine. The other fancies himself as a comedian, an insult comedian with really bad comic timing. “So how many of you buttholes are from out of town?” And yes, Rip Taylor is interviewed where he not only hypes the Confetti Brothers, but he also reveals the origins of his wild confetti fetish.
This is great stuff! Not only did I laugh my a*s off, but I learned something too. This is what I call a perfect film. The performances are marvelous, the scripted interviews are a complete riot, the situations the we are shown the Confetti Brothers going through, which include a freak confetti accident and a failed attempt at trying to raise money from a chicken wing eating cowboy, move the film along at a steady pace and for the subject material, “The Confetti Brothers” is at the perfect length of 27 minutes. Dress up like Rip Taylor and go bug your local indie film festival to do all they can to book “The Confetti Brothers”. It’s every bit as funny as “Spinal Tap”.

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