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You just don’t feel like staying out at night on the weekend sometimes. Instead of sleeping, you would much rather sit on the weekend and watch a movie or it’s a good idea to relax in casino from https://casinoslots-ie.com/free-spins-bonus. You may opt to watch it and refresh it on your own, or invite a few friends over for a fun time. Whichever way you want to go, here are three awesome casino movies you need to watch this weekend. The online casino guide has prepared this list.

The Hangover

‘The Hangover’ is the ultimate casino comedy show. For the one who is getting married, the plotline revolves around four friends who grow apart in adulthood but get together to throw a bachelor party in Vegas. Unfortunately, things don’t go according to schedule and they wake up without recalling the previous night (hence, the movie’s title) the next day. The groom is gone in order to make matters easier and no one has any idea where he may be. Before it is time for the wedding, the three friends have to set their differences aside and scour the city to find the groom. The three main roles in the film are played by Bradley Cooper, Zach Galfianakis, and Ed Helms. This film makes for a perfect weekend watch with excellent acting and comic timing. Ken Jeong, the incredibly talented actor, does not have a big role in the film, but has quite a few funny appearances that keep you amused throughout. The four friends have agreed to return for their holiday at caesars palace in Las Vegas. Within the casino and hotel, the bulk of the movie was shot. 

Last Vegas

At first glance, Last Vegas’s idea may seem eerily similar to that of the hangover. This is also a film about four old friends in Vegas who plan to have a bachelor party. That is where the parallels with the hangover finish, though. This is a PG-13 rating show, unlike the hangover, which means you can watch it with your family. The antics of the cast, in part due to the age of the actors, are not as serious as those of the hangover. However, if you are in the mood for anything humorous, the film always makes for a nice watch. The writers and directors are credited with making this movie worth watching. And the celebrity actors: Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Robert de Niro, Kevin Kline, of course.

These entertainment industry veterans deliver stunning and compelling performances that bring to life their characters. For a bachelor party, the four mates chose to stay at the Aria. We would be shocked, however, if after watching the movie you did not know this fact. The logo of Aria was omnipresent in the entirety of the film.

War Dogs

This movie’s writer and director, Todd Phillips, may just be a brand ambassador for Hollywood’s Caesars Palace. For two of his films, including the Hangover and its third sequel, he filmed scenes inside the casino and hotel. In this page, War Dogs were not like other comedies. In reality, it is mostly largely based on a real story of two friends who supplied guns and explosives in afghanistan to american allies. But, in the movie, there are hilariously funny scenes. The excellent acting of the experienced comedy actor Jonah Hill is a big part of what makes this film so funny. The other two stars of the cast, Bradley Cooper and Miles Teller, have delivered convincing performances to make this a great weekend comedy feature.

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