By Chris Gore | January 15, 2002

It’s a hard subject for men to face. Does size really matter?
Roger Fan thinks his penis is too small. After taking a mold of his manliness, he conducts an impromptu man-on-the-street poll asking people if he has been endowed with a “below” average, “average” or “above” average penis. The verdict is that Roger might be a little shortchanged. He now begins a quest to increase the size of his schlong and he will go to great lengths (pun intended) to achieve his goal.
Roger visits a porn shop, a psychiatrist, African witch doctor, an herb specialist and a plastic surgeon in pursuit of a solution. In the final scene, he actually witnesses a penis enlargement operation that would make any man or woman queasy – it’s the most grotesque 60 seconds I have ever witnessed in a short film.
The doc seems a little staged with Roger mugging for the camera, but his self-deprecating sense of humor carries the full 17-minute length. This up close and personal documentary by Gene Rhee is gross, bold and damn funny.

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