FILM: “Let it Be” (1970 documentary on the Beatles’ ill-fated rehearsal and recording of their never-released “Get Back” album in early 1969).

LAST SEEN: Withdrawn from circulation in the early 1980s. A scene with the Beatles singing the title track was included in a tribute to documentary filmmaking during the 2002 Academy Award telecast.

AMERICAN HOME VIDEO RELEASE: In the late 1970s on the Magnetic label.

REASON FOR DISAPPEARANCE: Originally withdrawn due to legal problems surrounding the rights to the film, but that situation was rectified years ago.

CHANCES OF SEEING IT ON HOME VIDEO/DVD: Slim, considering there has been ample opportunity to re-release the film for the past dozen years. But an upcoming release of a stripped down version of the soundtrack LP may suggest its return in the near future.

BOOTLEG VIDEO OPPORTUNITIES: One of the most widely bootlegged films of all time. If you cannot locate a bootleg video of this, you are a moron.

Get the rest of the story in part two of THE BOOTLEG FILES: “LET IT BE”>>>

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