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By Alan Ng | November 1, 2019

If you’re heading out to Vegas from L.A., you know you have a long desert drive ahead of you. Along the way are these small isolated cities where you stop for a moment to eat or fuel up before continuing your trek to Sin City…in and out. Hesperia is one of those cities just on the outskirts of Los Angeles and the location of this get-me-out-of-this-town-for-good stories in Steve Helgoth film, Hesperia.

Helgoth’s story opens with Eddie (Gregory Gordon) reflecting on his future with fellow “crew” member Tre (Candido Carter). Going to jail or winding up dead is not where he wants his life to go, and Eddie decides to pack up and move to Los Angeles for a normal life.

Going to jail or winding up dead is not where he wants his life to go…”

Meanwhile, there’s Theo (Ryan G. Roberts), who’s best friend is Eddie’s brother, Matt (Germain Arroyo). This night, Matt is staying at Theo’s house. Tensions arrive as Theo’s mother (Eileen Rogers) doesn’t like the fact that Theo is hanging out with the brother of a convicted gang member. Theo’s father (Frayne Rosanoff) hates that the kids are always on their devices, but really he’s unhappy living with his wife.

Speaking of Theo’s parents, mom is a nag, and dad has checked out on the family. Life is stressful. The bank is threatening to foreclose on the house, and dad doesn’t care. Theo is running with the wrong crowd, and dad still doesn’t care. Mom complains.

Lastly, we have drug addicts, Jared (Jared O’Brien) and Austin (Kevin Grady). Always looking for quick cash to pay for their next high, Jared decides to go for broke and rob the wealthy homes near the forest. It’s an easy score, and no one will get hurt…yeah right.

Hesperia (2019)

Directed and Written: Steve Helgoth

Starring: Germain Arroyo, Gregory Gordon, Kevin Grady, Jared O'Brien, Frayne Rosanoff, etc.

Movie score: 4/10

Hesperia Image

"…emotionally drawn into that story, and then their heads get blown off..."

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  1. Charli lee says:

    THE most boring and pointless movie i have ever watched. Very hard to sit through.

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