By Admin | October 4, 1999

Proving once again that the end of September rivals only January and February as one of the worst times of the year for movies, “Double Jeopardy” is here. Tommy Lee Jones is once again reprising his Oscar winning role from “The Fugitive” and, like in “U.S. Marshals, he is awful. Perhaps he thought that the third time would be the charm? Even the gorgeous Ashley Judd could not save this piece of dreck, not to mention the fact that Bruce Greenwood, as the presumed dead husband, is laughable and Annabeth Gish is non-existent.
By now you must know the ridiculous story, if not, here is a brief summary: A woman (Ashley Judd), who on the surface seems to be living La Vida Loca, is framed for the murder of her husband (Bruce Greenwood), BY her husband and her best friend (Annabeth Gish). As she is serving her time in prison she is given some “sound” legal advise by some lunatic inmate (Roma Maffia). So, as Jailbird “Johnny Cochran” and Ashley Judd bond, we learn that since Judd is already serving time for her husband’s murder, she can now go out and really finish the job — and as Mrs. Maffia so eloquently put it — “There is not a damn thing that anybody can do about it”. Don’t worry, this is only the beginning of the onslaught of septic overflow.
The tagline for “Double Jeopardy” is “Murder isn’t always a crime” … well … movies as bad as this should be a crime. This film ranks so high on the “unwatchable” scale that even Ashley Judd’s brief (and I do mean brief) nudity couldn’t save it. There is no logic surrounding it, this movie is simply an embarrassment to and for everybody involved. Look for “D.J.” to be at, or near the top of the “Worst of the Year List”.

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